Are you at risk for Alzheimer's?

"The brain is flesh and blood like the rest of the body."
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.


Just as you exercise and eat right for your heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs, so should you properly care for your brain to improve your chances against developing memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

Hello, I’m Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., and for the past two decades, I’ve led the charge to prevent brain aging, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease.  I want to share with you that Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss do not have to be a regular part of aging.  In fact, medical research reveals that how you live your life today may well determine how your brainpower and memory work tomorrow.

My Brain Longevity Program is a comprehensive, integrative medical program for the prevention and treatment of memory loss.  It helps reduce your risk of ever developing Alzheimer's disease and creates optimal mental function.  My program is characterized by common sense for a simple reason:  the brain is flesh and blood, like the rest of the body.  By understanding that, you can understand the prevention of Alzheimer's lies in your own hands through lifestyle changes.

With the proper lifestyle including diet, physical exercise, mental training/relaxation techniques—and clinically-proven supplements—you can dramatically increase your brain power today and not have to worry about poor memory, diminished mental energy, or reduced zest for life later.

I look forward to helping you improve your mental power and preventing memory loss today! 



Discover my proven brain-saving, anti-aging products


Brain Caps

Cognitive abilities slipping as you age? Brain Caps support short-term memory and focus—perfect for boosting overall brain power and mental fitness.



Gold Caps

Gold Caps

Lack of nutrients is the leading cause of disease in the U.S., and Gold Caps have everything from Vitamins A to Z – Zinc – in a high-potency formula for optimal health, stamina, and endurance.



Memory Caps

Clinically proven to improve the symptoms of SCD, MCI, and early Alzheimer’s disease, Memory Caps enhance memory by boosting brain chemicals and blood flow.



Inner Healing Caps

Inner Healing Caps contain the natural compound of Turmeric to help soothe inflammation, reverse the signs of skin aging, strengthen bones, improve lung function, and increase brain health.



Super Rejuvenation Caps

Super Rejuvenation Caps increase energy and replace your body’s levels of the important naturally occurring anti-aging nutrients of CoQ10, ALC, and ALA.



Longevity Green Drink

Green Drink

Delicious, high-energy, organic Green Drink with Advanced Berry Blend containing powerful anti-oxidants with free-radical scavenging effects for optimal brain, immune, and overall health.







From $99.95 - $163.95 / Bundle






From $99.95 - $163.95 / Bundle


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